3. dic, 2017

rio de janeiro, Rua Primeiro de Março e Largo do Paço, Centro

1. dic, 2017

Pier 66, Fort Lauderdale FL

29. nov, 2017

The Ziegfeld Theater on 54th Street and 6th Avenue opened in 1927 with a performance of Rio Rita. It was torn down in 1966 to make room for a skyscraper.

27. nov, 2017

Owl Springs, here an abandoned water wagon was found the front wheels sunk in sand, the rear ones almost all cut away by desert wanderers for fire wood;
Owl Springs , one of the water holes of the twenty mule team borax days.

17. nov, 2017

1939 - San Francisco, California, seen from the First Street ramp of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
Photo by Dorothea Lange.